Can I return if the size is wrong?
We can exchange and return all items within 14 days of delivery as long as it's in brand new condition and original packaging.

Can the pendant be engraved / do you offer engraving?
The back of the pendant can be engraved. We do not offer custom engraving, this can be done at your local pet or hardware store.

Can the pendant be attached to other collars?
Yes, each pendant comes with 2 jump rings and 2 split rings, it can be attached to any collar.

Is the letter pendant suitable for everyday use?
Yes, we customized and tested the size, weight, shape and durability with your dog's safety and comfort in mind.

How heavy is letter pendant?
Each letter pendant weighs between 9-12 grams, about the weight of 2 U.S nickels.

Will the letter pendant fade?
The letter pendant is gold plated four times. It should not fade if you take care of it. Do not expose the pendant to salt and chemicals.