Spark Paws was created to deliver high-quality, functional, comfortable pet essentials at accessible prices. 

Hello fellow dog parents! We're not the typical pet industry veterans, our journey with Spark Paws began in 2017 with a simple problem: finding quality yet affordable clothes for our Frenchie Stella was mission impossible. That was our 'aha!' moment- there is a serious need for quality dog gear that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

Our approach is straightforward: quality is the most important. We use superior materials, custom made-for-dog fabrics, and pay attention to the little details that matter.

The "FIT" is just as important! We've measured thousands of pooches, creating an extensive database of doggie dimensions to ensure our gear fits every pup like a glove.

Our goal? To bring your dog top-quality products and spark joy between pets and people.

Thanks for joining us on this journey. Here's to wagging tails! 


Founders Neo & Sarah