How Do I Choose a Dog Hoodie?

So, you’ve decided to buy your beloved pooch a comfortable and stylish hoodie. Good decision! But in a market with lots of products and options available, it can be a bit overwhelming to try to choose the best option.

What material is best? What size should I choose? Will my dog even wear a hoodie?

Make yourself a cup of coffee and keep reading to find the best hoodie for your dog and wallet!

Why Are You Getting a Hoodie?

Pit Bull wearing a stylish hoodie

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First things first, what is the purpose of the dog hoodie you’re trying to buy?

Dog owners should decide what they're going for. For example, is it just for fashion or to keep your dog warm in a colder climate? Do you need a brighter dog hoodie for high-traffic areas or a tougher hoodie for outdoor wear?

Knowing what you are looking for can narrow down the search and make the next few steps a little easier.

1. Quality.

Dog clothes get a lot of wear and tear. You don’t want to get something cheap that is going to be torn and damaged in just a few weeks.

A well-sewn, quality dog hoodie made from a durable material may be slightly pricier than the cheaper options, but you get what you pay for. 

How will you know if a hoodie is good quality?

Paying attention to the reviews can help you avoid cheaply made options. This way, you can ensure that a higher price comes from good quality and customer satisfaction rather than a fancy logo that means nothing.

Quality options will also tend to stay away from dyes and materials that will fade and that may harm your dog’s well-being.

Pit bull and owner with matching hoodies.

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2. Material

The type of material you are looking for can make a difference. You want a sturdy fabric that can withstand some rough and tumble, and that isn’t going to hold too much dirt or smell.

Normally this would be a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers may become smelly quickly, or deteriorate, while natural fibers may not offer the stretch that your dog needs.

For example, at Sparkpaws, we use a signature four-way stitch, combining natural and synthetic materials to produce a durable yet soft material for all our dog hoodies - normally accompanied by a fleece lining to keep your dog warm and comfortable.

You may also want a dog hoodie for a specific purpose, such as for hiking or camping. In that case, it should be made from waterproof or windproof material.


Pit bull in a yellow hoodie

Sparkpaws Rain Coat Collection

3. Sizing

It's very important that any coat, such as a dog hoodie, fits perfectly. 

Dog hoodies that are too large can snag on objects and injure your dog, and dog hoodies that are too small can cause friction burns or even be a strangulation risk.

There are many size charts available, but a general rule of thumb is to opt for a size bigger, especially if you have a dog with loose skin folds or excess hair.

Although it can serve as a guide, It's not recommended just to try and get a dog hoodie based solely on breed or weight. Even dogs in the same family of dog breeds, or mixed dogs, can have slightly different body shapes, and a dog that is heavy due to muscles will need a different fit to a dog that is heavy due to excess body fat.

So grab your tape, and measure your dog’s body length and chest girth.

Back length - Measure from the base of your dog's neck (right below where their collar would sit) all the way to just above the top of their tail.

Chest Girth - Measure around the largest part of your dog's chest, just behind its front legs.

4. Style

All dogs have a unique personality.  Is your pet adorable, as cool as a cucumber or muscular and strong? The hoodie you choose will likely match its character.

But when it comes to dog hoodies, you also want to examine what your dog likes best. They probably won’t have an opinion on the color…but, for example, some dogs may feel more comfortable in cuffed sleeves, while others don't.

There are practical considerations too. It's also normally a good idea to go for a dog hoodie that comes in a brighter color, especially for smaller dogs. This will make them more visible to cars, as well as make them easily identifiable if they run off.

Matching hoodie set for dog and owner

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The Dangers of Fashion

We are sure that you want a stylish dog hoodie, but be careful about HOW stylish this hoodie is.

A dog hoodie can be bright and aesthetic…but it should be simple in design.

Any dog hoodie that has a lot of buttons, bows, glitter, zips, or other attachments can easily become a choking hazard. 

At Sparkpaws, we believe that fashion is important but that your dog’s safety must come before all else. The best dog hoodie will always be one with a simple design that puts your dog's welfare first.

Cheap, mass-produced dog hoodies may also use strong chemical dyes that can irritate your dog’s skin or be dangerous when ingested. Also, avoid things such as cheap pleather or big stickers that can flake and end up in your dog’s bedding or food.

This may sound a little strange, but dogs can get embarrassed too. They may not process social rejection like we do, but they seem to be able to tell when they’re being laughed at. So putting them in a silly outfit or joke dog sweater might be stressful for them.

Adorable French Bull dog with a mint green and pink hoodie

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A good dog hoodie should be a quality product made with good, dog-safe materials. It should be in a size that fits your dog just right. To be able to do this, you should take the time to get your dog’s measurements, saving you time and money.

All dog breeds can wear hoodies, but maybe get a size or two bigger for very wrinkly or hairy dogs. And remember,  safety is important. Therefore, choosing a hoodie that doesn’t have too many decals, fringes, and attachments is the best bet. It's often a good idea to try and get a brightly colored one too. 

Boxer with an orange hoodie

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So…Does Sparkpaws meet these requirements? While trying to remain as unbiased as possible - we do.

Great time and effort has been put into finding the best quality materials. We avoid styles that might harm your dog, and we try to be as easy to understand with our sizing charts as possible.

At the end of the day, your dog’s safety and happiness is something we take very seriously, and we hope that we can make you happy too. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just look at the reviews on our Dog Hoodie collection or any of our other dog wear.